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At Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss we thrive off of the success of our clients! Some of our clients were kind enough to share their weight loss stories in hopes of helping someone like you. All of these clients changed their lives through Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss programs. We're hoping you will do the same! Our programs are crafted for individuals because everyone has a unique body composition and lifestyle demands. We do our best to craft our proven formula into an action plan to deliver you the kinds of results these clients have experienced.

Please read their stories below to see that anyone from any background in any career path with any level of fitness can achieve results! Not only are our clients getting great results but they are getting them in a healthy safe doctor supervised program.

Steven's Testimonial

Hear Steven's story about how his body changed over the years and made it difficult for him to find a weight loss path that worked.


Margaret's Before & After!

Despite a somewhat active lifestyle, you can feel like you don't have the time or the money to "eat right". This is an issue everyone struggles with at some point in their life. Getting sick is far more costly than eating right. Bad dietary habits can reduce your immune systems ability to defend itself.

Margaret was able to make the commitment to turn her life around using one of our programs. She was able see incredible results physically as well as emotionally. Margaret wakes up excited and full of energy to take on the day.

Margaret chose to start her weight loss journey with Med-fit and that smile speaks for itself! We are so proud of Margaret and her progress!


Willette's Before & After!

Do you have a desk job? Do you worry about the amount of complacent sitting you do every day? These are very real concerns. We understand that you cannot change your profession.

You can change your lifestyle in simple ways that can help produce results. We can help you understand the best way to approach these lifestyle changes.

After a long journey of searching for the right program, Willette chose Med-Fit's medical weight loss and the rest is history! Willette has worked hard and looks amazing! Her new found confidence makes her look fantastic in everything she wears.

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Tolesia Lost 56lbs On Our Program!

In just 20 weeks, Tolesia lost 56 lbs. Tolesia praises Dr. Tran, the staff, and our program. She emphasizes how much this program has not only helped her lose weight but has also helped her overall health by lowering her blood pressure and cholesterol! 

Rose lost 50 lbs!

When Rose could not find any other program to help her lose weight, she turned to Med-Fit. Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss gave her the hope and guidance she had been looking for and now Rose is down 50 lbs and counting!

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When no other weight loss program would work for these clients, they found hope in Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss! Take the next step and your life and begin your weight loss journey with Med-Fit today! Our trained staff loves getting to know our clients. You will find this is a place where you are genuinely cared about. We can't wait for you to join us and start writing your success story!