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We will craft a plan to fit you!

Do you have specific dietary requirements? Are you looking to gain weight? Are you an athlete looking for a custom tailored solution that will fit your nutrition plan?

Our plans have hundreds of components. We do not want to overwhelm you with too many details. The beauty of our fitness system is that it is customizable by our incredible team at Med-Fit to your body. Don't worry. Our highly trained team will interview you and make certain you have the right system for your goals.

You can still get the appropriate level of medical monitoring and accountability coaching built into your non-OPTIFAST program. We will create the perfect solution for your needs!

Custom Program

Designed for the individual that has unique needs and requirements and would ultimately prefer to jointly create their won program under the guidance of our experts that still fits their busy lifestyle.

Nutrition Consultation

We have 2 results-oriented methods to accommodate the busy lifestyle of our patients. This can be guided meal plans or pre-packaged medical foods to fit the needs of people that are on the go.

Medical Monitoring

Dr. Angela Tran, DO is a double Board-Certified Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. Dr. Tran will medically monitor you and your journey. Utilizing our best equipment to keep your body safely burning calories throughout the plan.

Mindset Coaching

Our programs include individual accountability coaching sessions that include strategy, mindset and behavior coaching. During these sessions, we will help coach you through daily struggles and give you tools that will help you be successful in weight loss long term.

Ready to start your journey?

We can't wait to learn more about you and your journey. Schedule your consultation now and will invite you to our office to meet with one of our weight loss experts. During your 60 minute consultation, you will receive a full body composition analysis, a complete review of your medical history, an assessment of your metabolic profile, and a clear plan of what you need to be successful long-term. We look forward to being a part of your transformation.