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The Diamond OPTIFAST Plan

Do you feel like you have tried "Everything"? Have you struggled with weight loss for your whole life? Have you seen progress with other plans only to lose it or to feel like you are having to start over?

The Diamond OPTIFAST Program is the answer! This plan is capable of generating results that will put your family and friends in disbelief! We can help you to lose 50 lbs or more! We take a long-term approach. This program lasts for a full year. It is designed around education. We are not only providing you the tools for transforming your life, but the knowledge to keep yourself on the right track.

This amount of weight loss will not only affect your body, your mind, your overall wellness, it will also change the lives of your friends and family. This type of incredible life-changing weight loss will empower you to be active in ways you have not experienced before! Nothing can hold you back! This plan will help you get your life back. 

Do you start programs or activities, but cannot maintain them for long periods of time? Our comprehensive training will provide you with the necessary tools and education to help you maintain your body and control your habits. Are you worried about what will happen after the plan is over? Don't worry! We are still here for you. We have on-going accountability services to make certain you are comfortable with your process and progress!


Have you ever heard the phrase: "You are what you eat." At Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss our medical background has shown us first hand how important a proper dietary intake can be to your overall health and well being.

The team at OPTIFAST has spent tons of time and money researching and working for safe and science-backed treatments for obesity. They have developed a large variety of products. This ensures that you still get variety when utilizing the system without getting burned out. OPTIFAST is backed by the team at Nestle and has access to their full health science division!


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1 Year Program

Designed for the individual that needs to lose over 50 lbs. This system provides education and behavioral training on how to create lasting change to develop a long-term healthy lifestyle. We give you all the tools to stay on the right track with this long-term program.

Nutrition Consultation

We have 2 results-oriented methods to accommodate the busy lifestyle of our patients. This can be guided meal plans or pre-packaged medical foods to fit the needs of people that are on the go.

Medical Monitoring

Dr. Angela Tran, DO is a double Board-Certified Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. Dr. Tran will medically monitor you and your journey. Utilizing our best equipment to keep your body safely burning calories throughout the plan.

Mindset Coaching

Our programs include individual accountability coaching sessions that include strategy, mindset and behavior coaching. During these sessions, we will help coach you through daily struggles and give you tools that will help you be successful in weight loss for the long-term. We can extend these sessions after the end of the program per your needs.


The Med-Fit office is uniquely designed and includes the Med-Fit Training Center where patients in this program will receive one-on-one focused fitness training. Each individual will have a full fitness training assessment, learn the proper exercise techniques for both safety and effectiveness, and will also learn how to fit physical activity into a busy lifestyle.

We will craft a plan to fit you!

Do you need to make a life change? Do you need additionals tools and education to help you maintain your new found lifestyle? We have the exact formula to make you successful. Your success will not end when the program ends! We are going to empower your continued success as long as you need it!

Our weight loss plans have hundreds of components. We do not want to overwhelm you with details. The beauty of our weight loss system is that it is customizable by our incredible team at Med-Fit to your body.

The best way to learn more about these plans is to come into our office. Our trained and caring team would love to meet you. 

Ready to start your journey?

We can't wait to learn more about you and your journey. Schedule your consultation now and will invite you to our office to meet with one of our weight loss experts. During your 60 minute consultation, you will receive a full body composition analysis, a complete review of your medical history, an assessment of your metabolic profile, and a clear plan of what you need to be successful long-term. We look forward to being a part of your transformation.