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Fad Diet Series: Raspberry Ketones

One of the most recent fad diets sweeping across the country is the raspberry ketone diet, in which people take supplements made with raspberry ketone. A ketone is a type of organic molecule. The most familiar ketone is probably acetone, which most of us know as the primary ingredient in nail polish remover. Ketones can vary widely, though, and the ones found in raspberries are much more complex molecules.

The primary raspberry ketone in question is 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl) butan-2-one. It’s been studied for weight loss effects since at least 2005. It seems to have some positive effects. However, there are some major caveats that go along with this fad diet.

The Research Is Weak

The research supporting the effectiveness of raspberry ketone is very weak. First of all, there are no studies on its effect in humans. And even when it comes to looking at its effects in mice and rats, the research is spotty.

The initial study looked at very small numbers of mice and then only for a very short period of time. It showed a moderate, but statistically significant reduction in body mass for mice given a high fat diet plus 2% raspberry ketone. Other studies have pointed to a possible hormonal mechanism, but there’s nothing definite.

Reviews Are Mixed

People taking raspberry ketones give it mixed reviews. It’s an easy thing to do, just add a supplement to your routine, so it gets high marks for ease, but when it comes to effectiveness, reviews are much weaker. Most people don’t see much benefit from raspberry ketones, and those that do see benefit are also involved in aggressive dieting and exercise as well. It’s hard to know if they really got any benefit from the raspberry ketones.

Other people also note that they experienced sickness after taking raspberry ketones. As with all diet supplements, raspberry ketones are not regulated, tested, or inspected by the FDA, so it’s important to select yours with care to make sure it isn’t adulterated with additives or drugs.

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