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"I'm on week 13 of my program so far. The staff at Med-Fit has been so supportive and take time to answer all my questions. Dr. Tran is so positive and its great motivation to stay on track. So far I've lost 27lbs on a modified program and I have about 20 more to go. I'm feeling positive that I can keep moving in the right direction for the first time in a long time"

Jenny V.A.,

“The strawberry ready to drinks are delicious. I am very happy with the products and the support from the people at med-fit. They are all very friendly and extremely knowledgeable! You never feel like you are being judged, just supported through your weight loss journey! Not to mention they spoke Spanish which really helped me.”


“program is pricey, but it works. Not difficult just stick to the program requirements and communicate any issues or struggles and the staff will help you through. Lost 30 lbs without much struggle. staff is there to support you if you need them.”


“Really liked the well rounded approach to weight loss at MedFit. From the meal replacements to nutrition counseling to physical coaching. I felt well supported and am so happy I made the choice to improve my health by reaching a healthy weight again. Thanks, ladies!.”

Amy York

“The staff was very professional, friendly and courteous. I learned a lot about my weight issues. All of the staff was very knowledgeable about strategies to lose weight. I would recommend the program to anyone who has struggled with their weight.”

Dana Franklin

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At Med-Fit, you’ll receive all the one-on-one attention from our doctors and staff, expert advice and the step-by-step instruction you need to lose weight fast…so that you look and feel better, and become much healthier.

*These are real patients with real results. Individual results will vary depending on program and intensity*

Med-Fit Medical weight management is a physician-supervised Highlands Ranch weight loss center committed to helping individuals lose weight and maintain it off. Med-Fit is lead by Dr. Angela Tran. Dr. Angela believes in risk-free weight reduction as well as protests unsafe crash diet that backfire on you when you’re done with them. Dr. Angela is there for you every step of the way with lifestyle education and learning, health and fitness training, diet regimen and clinical knowledge all in the very same area. Med-Fit medical fat burning is a way of living adjustment that numerous previous clients can vouch for. If you’re all set to start reducing weight securely as well as maintaining it off, don’t delay to give us a call. Dr. Angela is dedicated to helping Highlands Ranch residents lead a healthier way of living and acquire their weight reduction goals.

Dr. Angela Tran began Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss in September 2012 after acknowledging that obesity had actually ended up being a major worry and was commonly the origin for numerous deadly problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and also cardiovascular disease. Double Board Certified in Internal Medicine and also Obesity Medicine, Dr. Angela is transforming the game and is utilizing her higher degree training to break the code to weight reduction. By addressing the medical component of weight management, she has the ability to recognize the hidden reason for one’s fight with weight and able to “look under the hood” so to speak and help with a metabolism reset.

Margaret before and after photos

NOTE: This is our actual patient, but your results will vary.

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Jose lost 30 lbs

NOTE: This is our actual patient, but your results will vary.

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Obesity is at record highs, and having a medical professional who recognizes the clinical complexities that act as barriers is the critical x factor to one’s fat burning success. Dr. Angela is just one of the few physicians in Colorado that is dual Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. She has the ability to attend to the often forgotten problems that could slow one’s weight progression down such as medicines, different medical problems, hormones, age, and also household history. Fat burning is a science and also one’s success is dependent on the expertise of a weight-loss specialist who can supply the step by step process to bring back health and wellness in a fast and also risk-free manner.

Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss is one-of-a-kind in that it gives diet plan, health and fitness, and a physician all under one roof covering. This one-stop-shop center provides the necessary vital tools and also training to lead people to life-long weight reduction success as well as it is all kept an eye on under the direction of Dr. Angela as safety and security is top priority. Recognized as Highlands Ranch’s honor winning premier facility as well as service provider of the Optifast program, Dr. Angela has designed an all detailed medical weight reduction program that looks for to achieve typically 50 pound weight loss or even more in less than 6 months. The essential ingredients to the premier Optifast program consist of behavioral training, top level medical individual education, as well as responsibility as well as assistance every one of which lead individuals to success even years after conclusion of the program.

Dr. Angela’s one-of-a-kind OPTIFAST blueprint offers all the necessary abilities as well as help to lose the weight, maintain it off completely, as well as never ever get on a diet again. It consists of a 3 step procedure: Mindset, Mechanics, and Movement. These are the 3 keys to lasting weight management. One’s success initially dependent on frame of mind. She will certainly teach you exactly how your idea system influences your weight, and also how to retrain your way of thinking to assume slim. The 2nd stage consists of mechanics: the scientific research of your metabolic rate. Instead of placing her people on one more fad diet, she goes back to the basics as well as teaches her people the foundation of how your metabolic process functions, and also ways to make it benefit you. Finally, Med-Fit has a physical fitness training center at the center to show the motion methods that are crucial to the upkeep stage. The all natural approach to weight management has actually led her to high lasting success rates as well as is just what makes Med-Fit a prize-winning center. After completion of the active weight loss phase of the program, all patients then enter into a maintenance phase which is complete with recurring assistance, responsibility, and support of the skills needed for long-lasting success. Because opening in 2012, the Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss has actually reported a 70% upkeep success rate. Additionally, because this is a medical clinic, Dr. Angela develops long-term connections with all her patients, and also therefore continues to follow-up with her clients also years after they have finished the program. She understands that weight reduction is a journey, not a fast solution.

The clinical weight reduction programs at Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss can commonly vary from 6 months to 12 months, then patients get in the long-term upkeep stage after that. Before starting a program, an individual will get an hour long assessment complimented by a complete metabolic analysis record, laboratory job, as well as identification of the obstacles to weight management. This leads to an entirely personalized weight management program that works as a direct plan to the client’s weight objective. Combined with one on one nutrition and physical fitness training, patients establish a more powerful understanding of the structure of weight administration, and Med-Fit has actually reported over 70 percent success rate of maintenance after completion of their program.

Rose Lost 50 Lbs

NOTE: This is our actual patient, but your results will vary.

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Tolesia Lost 56 lbs

NOTE: This is our actual patient, but your results will vary.

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Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss is also pleased to have obtained 5 star reviews from her clients. The testimonies sustain the objective of Med-Fit and also stand for the heart of Dr. Angela and her staff. Every client is treated with personal one-on-one focus, is made to always really feel welcome and secure, as well as receives the 100% commitment that the personnel give to ensure their success. The Med-Fit team strives for client service quality as well as is continuously enhancing making the weight-loss program experience of the best quality.

The objective at Med-Fit Medical Weight loss is in order to help patients fix health issue via weight reduction by assisting them take possession of their health and body, improve power with diet regimen and also workout, and also enhance their confidence as well as wellness with the support and counseling from a physician. As a result of the considerable raising cost of excessive weight, there is currently an alarming need for a physician experience to be the leader in the wellness neighborhood. By identifying her real function, Dr. Angela has actually redefined exactly how she assists others by educating them ways to lose weight, placing health and wellness as their top concern, and live the excellent quality lifestyle that was should be lived.

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