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"I'm on week 13 of my program so far. The staff at Med-Fit has been so supportive and take time to answer all my questions. Dr. Tran is so positive and its great motivation to stay on track. So far I've lost 27lbs on a modified program and I have about 20 more to go. I'm feeling positive that I can keep moving in the right direction for the first time in a long time"

Jenny V.A.,

“The strawberry ready to drinks are delicious. I am very happy with the products and the support from the people at med-fit. They are all very friendly and extremely knowledgeable! You never feel like you are being judged, just supported through your weight loss journey! Not to mention they spoke Spanish which really helped me.”


“program is pricey, but it works. Not difficult just stick to the program requirements and communicate any issues or struggles and the staff will help you through. Lost 30 lbs without much struggle. staff is there to support you if you need them.”


“Really liked the well rounded approach to weight loss at MedFit. From the meal replacements to nutrition counseling to physical coaching. I felt well supported and am so happy I made the choice to improve my health by reaching a healthy weight again. Thanks, ladies!.”

Amy York

“The staff was very professional, friendly and courteous. I learned a lot about my weight issues. All of the staff was very knowledgeable about strategies to lose weight. I would recommend the program to anyone who has struggled with their weight.”

Dana Franklin

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Excessive weight is an ever-growing trouble, and past studies have actually revealed that the average person has actually gotten on over sixty diets given that the age of 16. If you locate on your own biking in yet another failed effort to lose weight, Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss is the facility for you.

*These are real patients with real results. Individual results will vary depending on program and intensity*

With years of experience as well as countless extra pounds lost, Dr. Angela Tran has come up with a clinically proven system as well as easy to follow strategy to lead you to your health objectives! Double Board-Certified in Internal Medication and Weight Problems Medicine, Dr. Angela’s know-how takes each of her individuals on a higher degree of understanding of one’s metabolic process. By adding the clinical x aspect frequently missing out on in a diet regimen and workout program, Dr. Angela has had the ability to liquify barriers to weight management, and have actually developed an all extensive clinical weight management program to assist individuals not just reduce weight, yet keep it off completely.

Med-Fit Medical Weight-loss is Denver’s honor winning premier clinic that offers diet plan, health and fitness training, and medical professional guidance all under one roof covering. As the recipient of the Optifast Inspire Award in 2013, Dr. Angela produced an unique and also efficient program to fit the hectic way of life. The OPTIFAST program is a clinically checked dish substitute program developed to assist clients shed typically 3-7 pounds weekly with an ordinary weight reduction of 50 lbs or even more in 6 months or less. The success of Optifast is associated by the one on one nutrition, physical fitness training, and behavior education found exclusively at the Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss facility. While losing weight is a top priority, medical security and upkeep education are the key objectives under the instructions of Dr. Angela.

Margaret before and after photos

NOTE: This is our actual patient, but your results will vary.

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Jose lost 30 lbs

NOTE: This is our actual patient, but your results will vary.

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The different clinical weight management programs are particularly personalized to satisfy the demands of the active lifestyle from functioning experts to constant tourists to households on the move. The trick to real weight reduction success is the long-term relationship developed with Dr. Angela and also the premium responsibility as well as support given by her team. Since opening up in 2012, the maintenance rate has been reported as high as 70% and people continuously have regular follow-up also years past their program.

Dr. Angela aims to give her individuals an alternative within out approach to weight loss. During the initial examination, a client can anticipate to obtain a weigh in, metabolic account, and also the appointment to determine the major barriers to weight loss. In the preliminary stage called the active weight loss phase, people will certainly then start their custom-made program established to aid individuals lose weight at a rate of 3-7 lbs each week.

Med-Fit Medical Weight reduction is honored to receive 5 celebrity reviews from their individuals. Dr. Angela as well as her team are 100% devoted to seeing their clients succeed and also have the long-lasting commitment to assist all of their individuals address their health problems through weight-loss and also live a long, healthy way of living.

Why Optifast Functions?

Given that opening in September 2012, Dr. Angela has constructed her practice to end up being one of the top leading providers of Optifast in Colorado in addition to the southwest region. There are several reasons Dr. Angela sustains the Optifast program. More than 80 peer-reviewed researches and also a medical data source of over 80,000 clients highlight the effectiveness of the Optifast program. 2 years after completing the program, research studies have actually revealed over 40% success price of upkeep, as well as at the 5 year mark, over 50% continue to maintain their healthy weight.

Second of all, Optifast is distinct in that Dr. Angela provides behavioral training as well as detailed person education and learning and assistance which is part of why she has such a high success rate. And thirdly, the Optifast program was produced based off the clinical theory of “stimulations narrowing”. By restricting the selection of food options, this causes minimizing triggers to overeating as well as for that reason enhances a client’s control over food. During the temporary Optifast treatment course, clients experience a metabolic shift as well as ultimately begin to have a greater understanding of their relationship with food and also go on to lastly being in control of their weight long-term.

Rose Lost 50 Lbs

NOTE: This is our actual patient, but your results will vary.

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Tolesia Lost 56 lbs

NOTE: This is our actual patient, but your results will vary.

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By having a deeper degree of clinical understanding of one’s metabolic rate, Dr. Angela is able to truly damage a person’s plateau and also lead them to their regular weight and live a healthy way of life. Dr. Angela is the medical weight loss expert as well as has actually developed her special and extremely successful technique to creating the severe option to nonsurgical weight management, and has ended up being a thought leader to healthier living.

By including the medical x aspect usually missing in a diet plan and also workout program, Dr. Angela has actually been able to dissolve barriers to weight loss, and have created an all thorough medical weight loss program to assist clients not just lose weight, yet keep it off for excellent.

The OPTIFAST program is a medically kept track of meal replacement program made to help individuals shed on ordinary 3-7 pounds per week with an ordinary weight loss of 50 pounds or even more in 6 months or much less. Dr. Angela intends to supply her people a holistic in out method to weight loss. In the first stage called the energetic weight loss phase, patients will after that start their personalized program created to help patients shed weight at a price of 3-7 lbs per week. Dr. Angela is the medical weight loss specialist and has created her one-of-a-kind and also very effective technique to creating the severe option to nonsurgical weight monitoring, and also has actually come to be a thought leader to healthier living.

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